Uracher Schmiede


Uracher Schmiede

Two rustic treasures await you here:

Haslauer Steinbad (Stone Bath, approx. 50 °C)
The Haslauer Steinbad combines gentle heat and healthy inhalation. A previously heated hot mineral stone is lowered into a copper pot with cold water.
Through repeated lifting and lowering, the temperature and humidity in the room is gently increased for a sauna experience that is easy on the circulation.
The Stone Bath is therefore ideal for all guests who find the humidity in our other steam baths too high.

Brechelbad (Herbal Steam Bath, approx. 50 °C)
The Brechelbad is another mild-temperature sauna with a charmingly rustic atmosphere. In the middle of the wood-panelled room there is the Brechelbad oven with a crown in which real fir boughs are steamed with herbs. The rising steam trails along the side walls to the floor and gently caresses your back. The humid air is ideal for dissolving the spicy, essential oils and stimulates deep breathing.