Cardio & Fitness


Cardio & Fitness

For all who would like to improve their cardiovascular health. In most of these courses, this is combined with coordination- and memory training.

  • Aerobics
    Dynamic fitness training in a group with rhythmic movements to motivating music. The basic elements of the exercises combined in the choreography train the cardiovascular system and coordination.
  • Body Ballet
    Cardio training with varying intensity and various ballet exercises. Suitable for all those who would like to improve balance, flexibility and cardiovascular health with a programme that is gentle on the joints. Also a perfect training for coordination, memory and posture.
  • Zumba
    A dance-fitness workout inspired by Latin America. A highly dynamic, fun and effective training with fast and slow rhythms based on aerobics.


  • Spinning
    Cycle training on the road is realistically simulated in the course room. As the intensity can be freely selected, any participant can ride any course. Cycling shorts are recommended!

    KANTO SPORTS offers the following 3 spinning courses:

    The pulse lies at 65 - 75% of the maximum, gentle training. This is suitable for everyone!

    All course profiles are trained. The intensity continuously changes.

    Training based on and with a training monitor / heart rate monitor.