Figure & Strength


Figure & Strength

Strengthening, developing and toning all of the body’s muscles. Depending on the course, with various small equipment and various emphases (e.g. fat burning or training the stomach muscles).

  • Around fitness
    A perfect combination of different course areas for improving general fitness and having lots of fun at the same time.
  • Abs/Thighs/Buns
    A course for strengthening and toning the lower body, with or without small equipment.
  • Power Dumbbell
    Barbell training of some of the most important muscle groups to music and a changing choreography. Guarantees fast results. Strengthening and toning of the entire body, strengthens bones and the immune system. You can freely choose the training weight – suitable for any fitness level.
  • Fit 2 move
    Full-body training with strength units that have proven to be effective. Perfect for stimulating fat burning, promotes strength endurance and tones the body. Suitable for anyone, newcomer or pro, who would like a great workout that is also fun.
  • Effective surprise circle
    Full-body training using the circle of machines. Capillarisation, endurance and fat burning in its purest form.


  • Fit Mix/Power Mix
    This course comprises all important elements of fitness: Conditioning-, coordination- and endurance training using various equipment. Simple and uncomplicated. Cardiovascular training with strengthening of the thighs and trunk musculature.
    The cardiovascular training can comprise aerobic or step-aerobic elements; the strength training uses barbells or dumbbells.
  • Body styling
    Full-body training with and without small equipment, always with a short cardio unit. Primarily serves toning and fat burning.
  • Body perfect
    Intensive training programme combining diverse course areas such as aerobics, abs-thighs-buns, and yoga. Includes cardio, strength training, stretching and balance. Perfectly suited for all who would like to lose some weight.
  • Pilates
    Full-body training that primarily emphasises deep-lying and often weaker muscle groups that allow an upright and healthy posture. The training includes strength-, mobilisation- and flexibility exercises along with conscious breathing. Body and soul work together.