Health & Back


Health & Back

Various courses with diverse emphases, such as training of trunk muscles. All courses mobilise the spine, promote well being, release tension and flexibility, and improve posture.

  • AOK Flexi Bar
    Diverse exercises with the flexi bar for primary strengthening of deeper-lying muscles. Excellently suited for back problems. Relieves tension and just feels good!
  • Yoga
    Through physical- and breathing exercises, balance between the body and mind is strived for. Yoga can not only promote well being but also release blockades and tension.


  • Back “and more”/gentle back
    Exercises that mobilise the spine, training of the entire trunk musculature, posture training and then loosening and stretching of the muscles. A good training for balancing out repetition strain and disc injuries.
  • Fit in the morning
    Dynamic changes of body position with deep breathing techniques give energy and a positive body sense. A combination of Yoga, Qi Gong and Body Balance.