House- and bathing rules (GTC)

AlbThermen Spa Etiquette and Policies

§ 1 Purpose

1. These policies serve to keep the facilities at the AlbThermen spa safe, orderly, and clean.


§ 2 Obligatory nature

1. The policies are binding for all spa and pool guests.

2. The spa policies may be enforced by any staff member. Instructions given by personnel or other commissioned individuals with regard to the spa policies are to be followed. Visitors who violate the spa policies may be ordered to leave the spa. In such cases, admission fees for use of the spa will not be waived or returned. In addition, the individual may be banned from visiting the spa by the management or its representatives.


§ 3 Opening hours, prices

1. Opening hours and the current price list are announced in the foyer and on the website.

2. Spa visitors are to vacate the pool and sauna area 30 minutes before the spa closes.

3. Purchased admission tickets cannot be returned.

4. Change received after payment is to be checked immediately; complaints after this time will not be accepted.

5. Tickets, vouchers or gift certificates that have been lost will not be refunded. Vouchers are valid for a term of three years from the end of the year of issuance. Point cards have a price-fixed validity of one year from the date of issuance, altogether a validity of three years from the end of the year of issuance.


§ 4 Admission

1. In general, anyone may visit the AlbThermen spa. The following restrictions apply for certain cases.

2. Every spa guest must carry a valid ticket or chip for admission to the respective spa area he/she intends to use. On entering the spa area, it is prohibited to share tickets or chips with other individuals.

3. Children over the age of 6 and under the age of 16 are only admitted when accompanied by an adult. The accompanying adult is responsible for supervising the children for the duration of the spa visit. Children under the age of 6 are not admitted.

4. Individuals who require assistance for mobility, individuals with mental disabilities, and individuals prone to fainting and seizures are only admitted to the spa when accompanied by a suitable person.

5. Those who enter the spa without a ticket and/or who use fee-based services on an unentitled basis, will be ordered to leave the spa immediately and will be reported to the authorities.

6. Those who enter the spa with the intention of not paying admission fees are in violation of the law and will be reported to the authorities. Even such an attempt is punishable by law and will be reported to the police.


7. Not admitted to the spa are individuals:

  • under the influence of intoxicating substances,
  • accompanied by pets,
  • suffering from a contagious, notifiable disease (in cases of doubt, a medical attest can be requested) or open wounds,
  • openly wearing illegal tattoos.


§ 5 Etiquette

1. AlbThermen is a spa for exercise and relaxation, not a sports facility. The water has a temperature of 32° to 38° Celsius.

2. Spa guests are to refrain from exhibiting any behavior that is deemed socially inappropriate or that may adversely affect safety, peace and order. In particular, sexual conduct and actions are prohibited.

3. The facilities at AlbThermen and rental items are to be treated with care. In the case of misuse or damage through the fault of the spa guest, the spa guest is liable for the damage. A special cleaning fee may be charged if facilities or rental items are dirtied through the fault of the spa guest; the amount is determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the extent of cleaning required.

4. Rules for attire vary depending on the spa area. In the thermal spa area, standard swimsuits are to be worn. Burkinis may be worn.

5. The textile sauna may only be used in dry swimsuits. A sufficiently large towel suitable for the visitor’s height is to be placed on the sauna bench. The wood may not be damaged by sweat.

6. Street shoes may not be worn in pool or sauna areas. Wheelchairs, walkers and rolling luggage must be cleaned before they can be taken into pool or sauna areas by the spa guest or the person accompanying the spa guest.

7. The use of musical instruments, audio or video recording devices, and other media is prohibited if other visitors are disturbed.

8. Photographing and filming individuals and groups with whom the visitor is not acquainted and without their prior consent is prohibited. Photographing and filming for commercial or journalistic purposes requires prior permission from the management.

9. Before use of the pools and sauna, the body is to be washed thoroughly. Body shaving of any kind, manicures, pedicures, tinting or dyeing hair are prohibited. If the spa is dirtied through the fault of the spa guest, a separate cleaning fee may be charged, the amount of which depends on the extent of the cleaning required.

10. Every spa guest is to be aware of the typical risks at any pool facility and to take the appropriate care. It is recommended that spa guests wear non-slip water shoes.

11. Food and beverages may only be brought for own consumption and may not be consumed in the gastronomy section of the thermal pool and sauna world. It is not permitted to bring alcoholic beverages.

12. Containers made of breakable material such as glass or porcelain may not be brought to the spa.

13. Smoking is only permitted in the designated areas. This equally applies to e-cigarettes.

14. Lost-and-found items are to be given to staff and will be handled in accordance with the law.

15. Lockers and safe-deposit boxes are available to guests of the spa for the duration of their stay at the spa only. Spa guests are not entitled to receive or use a locker/box. The spa guest agrees to close lockers and safe-deposit boxes properly and to take care to not lose the chip wristband or key. If a chip wristband is lost, the contents of the locker will not be handed over to the spa guest until it has been carefully assessed as to whether the guest is the rightful owner of the items. At the end of business hours, any lockers and safe-deposit boxes that are still closed are opened and, if applicable, emptied. The contents are considered lost-and-found items.

16. Loungers may not be “reserved” with towels, bags or other items. If necessary, items placed on the loungers may be removed by staff.

17. It is forbidden to jump into or swim in the Erms.

18. If a physician has not instructed otherwise, it is recommended that visitors begin by bathing for 5 – 10 minutes. Bathing sessions should then be extended by 3 – 5 minutes each up to a maximum duration of 20 minutes. It is very important to rest 10 –15 minutes after bathing.

19. The gastronomy section may only be entered in a dry bathrobe or towel.


§ 6 Etiquette in the sauna area

1. The sauna facilities serve to promote the health and relaxation of the spa guest. The German Sauna Association (Deutscher Sauna-Bund e. V.) has issued recommendations for visiting the sauna.

2. The sauna area is nude. Special conditions apply in certain sections such as quiet rooms and restaurant facilities.

3. Sexual conduct and displays are prohibited.

4. Clothing or swimsuits may not be worn into the saunas/steam rooms.

5. Loungers may only be used with a bathrobe or with a dry, height-appropriate covering.

6. Bathrobes or a dry towel that covers the body must be worn at the restaurant.

7. Saunas and steam rooms with wooden benches may only be used with sufficiently large towels that are appropriate for the guest’s height. The wood may not be damaged by sweat.

8. For hygienic reasons, guests should sit on towels in the ceramic or plastic steam rooms. Seating areas should be rinsed off with the provided water hoses.

9. Belongings may not be placed on technical installations such as heaters, lights, sauna heating equipment or their safety grates.

10. Only one large towel/towel for sitting should be taken into sauna and steam rooms.

11. Water shoes may not be worn in sauna or steam rooms. For safety reasons, they are to be placed outside of the rooms, to the side.

12. Out of consideration for other guests, it is prohibited to converse loudly, clear away sweat, brush or scratch in sauna or steam rooms. Skin lotions/peelings with self-brought substances such as salt, honey etc. are prohibited.

13. Spa guests must take showers before using the saunas, plunge pools, or other pools.

14. In quiet rooms, spa guests are to be considerate and quiet. In silent rooms, guests are to refrain from making noise.

15. It is forbidden to phone, photograph and film in the sauna facilities. Electronic media that can be used to photograph or film (e.g. smartphone, tablet, e-book reader etc.) may not be taken and used in the sauna facilities.

16. Individuals with health problems should clarify whether visiting a sauna would bear special risks for them.

17. Typically, there are special conditions in sauna or steam rooms, such as high temperatures, dimmed lighting, step-benches and various sources of heat. These all make it necessary for guests to be especially careful.

18. Sauna infusion sessions may only be carried out by staff. Bringing infusion concentrates to the spa and, in particular, pouring them onto the sauna heater is prohibited.

§ 7 Liability

1. The spa operator fundamentally assumes no liability for damages incurred by users of the spa. This does not apply to liability resulting from a material breach of contract, to liability for damages incurred by the spa user from injury to life, limb or health, or to liability for damages incurred by the spa user due to intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty on the part of the operator, its legal representatives or agents. Material contractual obligations are those that principally enable proper enforcement of the contract and on the fulfillment of which the user may consistently rely.

2. The limitation of liability pursuant to § 7 paragraph 1 sentences 1 and 2 equally applies to vehicles parked in the parking facilities at AlbThermen spa.

3. Spa guests are expressly advised to not take any valuables with them to the spa. Should guests nevertheless bring valuables with them, the operator cannot in any form guarantee a duty of care or that the items will be guarded. For the loss of valuables, cash and clothing items, the operator is liable only in accordance with the relevant legislation. This equally applies to damage to the items caused by third parties.

4. It is the sole responsibility of the spa guest to properly close the lockers and/or safe-deposit boxes, to make sure that the respective locker/box has been closed securely and to take care not to lose the chip wristband/the key.

5. In the case of a loss of items provided to the spa guest by the spa operator through the fault of the guest (chip wristband/key for locker/safe-deposit box), a flat fee will be charged that is not to exceed the value of any reasonably expected damages in the normal course of events. Twenty-five euros are charged for the new purchase of chip wristband. The guest will receive an invoice for consumption costs (food/drinks) booked on the chip wristband. If the key to the safe-deposit box is lost, the guest will receive an invoice to the amount of the damage incurred. In all above-mentioned cases, the spa guest is entitled to prove that no damage whatsoever was incurred or that the damage was far less in value than the flat fee.



Entry into force

These spa policies enter into force on 15.03.2019. The previously applicable version for AlbThermen simultaneously expires.


Bad Urach, 15.03.2019